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We get help for the people who need it most

If you’re worried about your finances and need someone to give you a hand, we can help.

This winter, heating and electricity costs are higher than ever.  If you live in CT, we can help you find out if you qualify for the State’s Energy Assistance program that helps pay your utility bills.

To find out if you qualify, get started now. This is a FREE service.

Tax season is coming!

We’re excited to let you know we’ll be back in-person for free tax prep services in 2023.  To get notified when appointments open up, sign up now!

Fill out our quick form to get an email and text message in January 2023.

Between the pandemic and the economic slowdown that followed, hundreds of thousands of individuals and families in Connecticut need financial support to pay for basics like food, medicine, child care and rent.

Whether you’re currently out of work, self employed, disabled, part of a working family, a senior citizen, or somewhere in between, odds are good that there is financial assistance available for you. That’s where we come in.

We can help

SimplifyCT is a nonprofit focused on cutting through the red tape and bureaucracy to get people connected to the benefits they need. How do we do it?

To start, we do your taxes – for free. Your records in the Federal IRS database can get you a refund, but they also act as the basis for additional financial resources like the Child Tax Credit, Earned Income Tax Credit, Education Credits, Pandemic Unemployment Assistance, and other services.

Our IRS certified tax professionals help get you into these benefits if you qualify, and offer other resources to you and your family – all for free, using the IRS Virtual VITA (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance) program.

I have lots of questions, are you able to help?

Our team of tax preparers are IRS trained and certified and can answer any questions you may have.

But I haven’t filed taxes in years…

Even if you haven’t filed taxes for a long time, we can still help you file back taxes. Everything we do is completely confidential and secure.

I don’t know all the benefits I am entitled to. What do I do?

We’ve helped over 6,000 CT families file their tax returns in the past year – and we can help you, too!

Get Started

How we work

SimplifyCT uses virtual VITA, a secure, Internal Revenue Service (IRS) certified program that’s been developed to connect individuals to volunteer IRS certified tax preparers who can give you advice and file your taxes – for free. This service helps get you the Federal and state benefits that you need.  Money in your pocket. As soon as possible.

Our platform is the strongest anti-poverty program available. Many people are unaware that the Federal government is using the IRS tax database to send out the stimulus payments you may have heard about.

Many families are eligible for the Federal and State Earned Income Tax Credits – a benefit that can bring in over $6,000 a year – and they don’t even know it! Our goal is to get this money into the hands of the people who need it — now. You may be eligible for:

  • Federal Earned Income Tax Credits – up to $6,000/family
  • Child Tax Credits – up to $3,600 per child
  • Education Credits – up to $2,500 per student
  • State Earned Income Tax Credits – up to $1,200 per family

 Certified and Trusted

“Getting relief funds quickly and efficiently into the hands of Connecticut residents who need it the most is at the core of the mission of 4-CT’s pandemic response. The Virtual VITA project is a perfect embodiment of that. “We are incredibly proud of the impact that this project has had during the past six months and believe that the Virtual VITA platform will continue to increase access to tax preparation services and benefits for under-served populations well beyond the pandemic.”

4-CT CEO Ted Yang

Our team of IRS certified tax professionals have helped thousands of families file their tax returns online  – and we can help you, too! We’ll not only maximize your tax returns, we can help guide you into additional long-term financial support programs and other tax credits.

There is NO CHARGE for any of our services.

How Online Filing Works

Click on the Get Started Online Button & fill out the form questions online
An IRS certified tax preparer will call you to ask a few questions
Your VITA tax professional prepares and reviews your taxes, usually within 24 – 48 hours
You get your refund & any other benefits you qualify for

Contact Us

PH: 860-590-8910

25 Old Kings Highway N, Ste 13, #111, Darien CT 06820

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